We are cultivating ourselves as " A Single Stop Solution " for any Internet Based Business Activity.

Flash Presentation: These are essentially part of search engine optimization but very crucial for a productive Internet Marketing effort. We carry out effective online ad campaigns. However, you actually do not pay just to have it there but only when website visitors click on it, i.e. a sale initiation action is induced. We specialize in PPC campaign management with Google Adwords Select and Overture systems. We manage and deploy your PPC campaign to accelerate qualified traffic, inducing high conversions rates and higher Return On Investment. To keep up your position in PPC listing we ensure that we reserve all the popular keywords for your website through aggressive PPC bid management program.

Research, Analysis and Tracking: We realize that ay marketing effort can only be productive if efficient research, analysis and post-performance tracking support it. We carry out comprehensive online as well as offline research before launching any Internet Marketing effort for your website. We carry out aggressive online researches through online surveys on lead generation, customer satisfaction index, customer loyalty, brand recognition, etc. Next step is the analysis phase wherein, we do complete SWOT analysis to realize market potential, market trends and competitor positioning.

The last phase, tracking is the most important step. Tracking analyses the campaign performance by calculating the number of visitors to the website, click through rate, business queries generated, actual sales generated.
Power Point Presentation: Even with all the latest technology incorporation the fundamental marketing concept of AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) stands good. Keeping this in mind we design thoughtful banner campaigns for your website. Such that they have all attention getting elements, a call to action and give your website visitors a reason to click through. Thus generating business and enhancing profits.
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