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Software Development  

India Infonet offers world-class and cost effective technology for software development. Our highly qualified and experienced research team provides complete support, starting from software conception and design to software implementation and training. Our organization also offers services to develop application and utility software, distributed applications for service oriented applications, enterprise applications or web services applications for various organizations. We also provide troubleshooting support to our clients.

Pro client Software Solutions We offer you user-friendly and feature-rich software solutions that are highly application centric. Our software development solutions gives you advantage of time-gains, resource-optimizations and cost-efficiency. Further, the software quality assurance team manages all the trouble shooting queries. Our technically feasible business software solutions use .NET framework, to easily break down your project into smaller modules, besides synchronizing with all the modules. Thus the software becomes highly efficient and user-friendly.
Our team of software developers specialize in developing applications in various computer languages and are also conversant with the latest GUI front-end tools. We can provide you software solutions for all working platforms. Further, our niche software development team believes in Simple, Cost-Effective, Scalable and Maintainable Software Systems that are tailor made for your business requirement.

New Technology All software's are secured and adhere to the basic fundamentals of traditional programming with a zest and tools of latest programming technologies. With the advent of .NET technology, the client is definitely benefited. The technology allows Internet, web and e-commerce components to be plugged into your software projects. Not only this, these Internet rich components can be re-used in future application software development projects by the client with equal ease.

Key skill sets Filled with the zeal to offer our clients the best in the software industry, we work on state-of-the-art Operating Systems and provide cross platform support on Windows2000, Linux and UNIX. Our key skill sets include:
Scripting Servlets, JSP and PHP Databases MySQL SQL Server 2000 Oracle 8i and other latest versions
We also offer advanced Microsoft Solutions, scripting support, besides embedded systems technology. We also use enhanced server and .Net features to ensure a secured and reliable software support. The key languages used for this purpose include:
Active Server Pages Embedded VB < VC++ Microsoft. NET: ASP.NET and VB.NET
Key Software Solutions We specialize in developing various kinds of specific application based software solutions such as:
Inventory Management
Software Library Management
Software Payroll Software
Accounting software
HRD software
Marketing Management Software
Hotel Management Software
Restaurant Management Software
Hospital Management Software
Software for Forging Units

Our software solutions provide a cutting edge to our clients. They are simply ahead of their competitors. Our feature rich IT solutions are delivered from large enterprise systems to small home pages.
The key programming services offered to our clients include Enterprise module under which we offer services to big business corporate. The soft wares we develop include:
The Enterprise Java Beans (EJB) Architecture- We develop EJB interface that enable the clients to build their own JAVA components. These component beans behave as distributed objects that are hosted on the servers and provide remote services for clients distributed throughout the network.

The Common Object Request Broker Architecture or (CORBA) Architecture – We provide a platform-independent, language-independent architecture that provides support to all object oriented applications. RMI Programming Services- RMI or the Remote Method Invocation enables the clients to send instant messages along the server and live virtual machines.

JSP Programming Services- We develop interactive and innovative web pages using this application software, so that it is web server and platform independent. Servlet programming enables the clients to process HTML forms with a custom servlet or manage middle-tier processing to connect to existing data sources.

N-tier Architecture Programming Services– This programming feature is specifically designed to enable the clients to access web browsers or specific-purpose applications with Graphical User Interfaces (presentation layer), a middleware layer for scalability, such as web servers and application servers (application layer).

JDBC Programming Services– These programming services enable our clients to access SQL-based database engines, provides a consistent interface for communicating with a database. Also, the clients can create, manipulate, examine, and manage relational databases. This java based technology also ensures clients to acess any Java-enabled platform without even recompiling that program.

Corporate RDBMS Programming Services is- a system for database management of a relational database. Our Corporate RDBMS Programming Services enables clients to control the organization, storage and retrieval of data for many users. Furthermore, the clients an have a wide access to increased business environments.

DHTML Programming Services- The marketing term applied to a mixture of standards including HTML, Cascade Style Sheets CSS, and the Document Object Model (DOM) and scripting. DHTML programming service provides clients with dynamic World Wide Web pages, with hyperlinks and markup for text formatting.

XML Programming Services– this programming feature powers and gives the client a flexible way to create common information formats and share both the format and the data on the World Wide Web and intranets.
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